Kendrick Lamar Live in London, 20th January 2013

Kendrick Lamar blew up shortly after he announced his UK tour, when the popularity of ‘good kid, m.A.A.d city’ skyrocketed as the mainstream media spotlight was thrown upon him. As a result it sold out extremely quickly, especially in London. I wasn’t lucky enough to get a standard price ticket so had to buy from a reseller. I definitely didn’t regret it, as it was an incredible show which justified the hype in every way. Here I’ve posted videos of the live performances and a few pictures. The videos are surprisingly decent quality, and certainly capture the atmosphere well.

Outside Hammersmith Apollo @ 7pm, Sunday 20th January 2013

Money Trees

This needs no introduction. When the bass dropped  it was insane.

Tammy’s Song (Acapella)

A song from ‘Section 80’, which a lot of people who have only just jumped on the bandwagon won’t know. definitely check it out. This is an acapella of ‘Tammy’s Song’, after which theres a bit of footage of him performing ‘Look out For Detox’ (is him playing this song live trying to hint at something?)


By far the most hyped of all the songs he played, this is how he introduced ‘m.A.A.d city’. I didn’t risk holding the camera during this. It’s remarkable how when the music starts playing the crowd seem to find loads more space to move about in. Everyone surged forward, Kendrick was warning some of the less hardy looking girls near the front to be careful.


As you can see, even after the show it was packed. Everyone was buzzing after the show, it took a while for people to realise how exciting a performance they’d just been a part of.

I know this is exaggerated, but Kendrick Lamar is almost to post-2000s hip hop what Bob Dylan was to folk music. If you haven’t heard ‘good kid m.A.A.d city’ download it immediately. Kendrick Lamar may be a pioneering influence on a ‘hip hop revival’ that seems to be on the cards post-2000s I’m glad I’ll be able to say I saw him live when he had just become majorly popular. Probably the most exciting live gig I can remember going to. My one gripe was that ‘Top Dawg Entertainment’ didn’t provide the poor guys selling posters with elastic bands… I had to improvise… They need to have respect for the little man not just the top dawgs!


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