Some Extremely Talented Underground Hip Hop Artists That Need More Attention

I’ll start off with those that are just starting to grab some major media attention, (shame on you if you haven’t heard of them yet!) and as for those who’re on the ball with hip hop, as you scroll down impatiently, you may notice a few artists you havent heard of yet! I provide links to youtube or mixtape download sites, but when possible, hit up some torrent or file sharing sites to search for their full projects. I do not claim to know all the great underground artists of course, so thats where you come in, I want to hear as many new names as possible. Delving into underground Hip Hip is extremely exciting, I hope you enjoy the following reccomendations!

Up and Coming Talent


Unsigned Hype

Relatively Unknown Talent

Hidden Gems

Maybes: Talented artists who might divide opinions, or who might make it into the mainsteam

Forgot about these?

Old School List: A jumble of names from the 80s and 90s


Top 10
Uno Hype


Kid Tsunami

Chance the Rapper
Alexander Spit
Killer Mike + El-P

Bryant Dope
Phony Ppl
Durag Dynasty
Dyme A Duzin

Death Grips, Ghostpoet

Bishop Nehru
Nacho Picasso
Clear Soul Forces
Meyhem Lauren
Mykki Blanco
Roc Marciano


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