Deconstructing the Throne: Religion, Rockstars and Corporate Rap – The Legend of Jay-Z and Kanye West

Jay-Z’s Rise to Fame vs Kanye’s/Crack Pusher vs Backpack Rapper (Jay-Z went from Bad to Good, Kanye from Good to…?)

The College Dropout Explosion – A Pivotal Year For Hip Hop.

Jay-Z’s ‘Dark Period’ – The Lowest Point For Hip Hop? Kingdom Come + American Gangster vs Late Reg. + Graduation

The Blueprint 3: (3rd Time Lucky?) Tracking Jay-Z’s progress/Did Kanye Save His Ass? (Did Jay-Z need Kanye’s youth and relevance to respark his career? Did Kanye mature greatly as an artist as a result?)

Early Trap – Lil Wayne’s + Southern influence on the 808s and Heartbreaks Craze. Autotune Sings the Death of ‘Real Hip Hop’?

Kanye’s Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. (One Where Jay-Z is absent + alien) –

‘Watch The Throne’ – Was the Claim Itself the Turning Point?

‘Yeezus’ and Expectations for MCHG – Minimalism + Independence, (A new direction of self-worth?)

The Zane Lowe Interviews

Jay-Z – The Conservative Rap King brings Rap into ‘New Money’ – Jay-Z’s Glastonbury/The Great Gatsby

Kanye – The Frustrated Black Jesus – Godly Status and Aspiration/ Jay-Z is the Zen Master

The Rap Throne: Drake – The Challenger, the Apprentice or Just Man of the Moment? Eminem the ‘Rap God’. Nas vs Jay-Z. Kanye’s production credits. Measuring overall success and admirability.

Kanye’s Confederate Flag, White Person Voice vs Jay-Z’s Pragmatic Approach. Haters and The System: Within and Without You. A Black Beatle/A Fucking Roach

Presidential Flow: Relationships with Obama. Jay-Z Chills with him on the beach, Kanye gets called a ‘Jackass’, and responds.

Kanye the Menace, Jay-Z the Misogynist: Ye’s Lawsuits and Papparazzi Encounters. Kanye and Kim vs Jay-Z and Beyonce. Generational Divide? Have the Women scored or the Men? Beyonce and Feminism. Kim Kardashian and Celebrity. Art and Reality.

Kanye’s Rants: Wisdom or arrogance? Why Kanye West is the one to watch. Racial issues in post-Throne Hip Hop, Kanye West: Black Power Activist or Deluded Moaner? Business and Fashion.

Jay-Z ‘s Long term plan: Capitalist or Liberator? Innovation and Longevity, Politics of Influence. Is Jay-Z pushing Black people onwards?

Nas and his claim to fame: Too uncompromising or too inconsistent? Does Nas like spotlight? Questioning the one legend most would still consider in the title race.

Industry focus:  GOOD Music vs Roc-A-Fella/Roc Nation. Jay-Z’s Sports Ventures + Rocawear, Barneys + more. Kanye’s ventures: a few surprises

Who do they affiliate with? – Assessing relationships with other artists/Musically where does their loyalty lie? Beefs and Hometowns.

Watch the Throne 2: Where do they stand now? Predictions, will this album End their reign?

The Cultural Imprint of Jay-Z and Kanye West


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